Simplicity and Speed Comes First

Urban Bachelor Dinner Party

I had my second urban bachelor cooking dinner this past weekend. I only had one guest this time because I gave out a very short notice. I am experimenting with a new receipt my friend Keith gave me recently. It is basically some canned beans and...

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New Recipe From Keith

I started working for at the beginning of this month. I have been busy since and haven't done much cooking. However I got one really fast but healthy recipe from my colleague Keith. 

I tried it myself. It takes under 10 minutes to prepare...

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Tomato Spinach Cous Cous

I tried out a new vegetarian receipt from my friend Rhett yesterday. It is called: “tomato spinach cous cous” Here is the direction: “You get a box of cous cous and get the cous cous started. then while that is going, wash and cut up some tomatoes...

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