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Tomato Spinach Cous Cous

I tried out a new vegetarian receipt from my friend Rhett yesterday. It is called: “tomato spinach cous cous” Here is the direction: “You get a box of cous cous and get the cous cous started. then while that is going, wash and cut up some tomatoes into small pieces, wash a bunch of fresh spinach and rip it up into bits (tear the stems out if you want). i usually make enough of these things so that there's about as much vegetable as there is couscous. Take a corn cob and with a serrated knife, cut the corn off the cob. Put some butter (or oil) in a pan, put the corn in the pan, and sauté it a bit until it's a little bit cooked. Add salt if you want. (This is also a much faster way to cook corn than boiling the entire thing.) Once the cous cous is ready, dump the tomatoes, spinach, and corn in, and mix it all together. You can also leave the corn separate, or add different stuff. This stuff is ok to eat later, and is good to take for lunch...” Here are some pictures. This is the only thing I made yesterday. It took me, all together, 18 minutes and 30 seconds.


In term of speed and efficiency, cous cous is very easy to cook. All you need to do is boil some water, dump the cous cous in the water and cover it for 5 minutes. Cutting and sautéing the corn did take while. If I were to change the recipe, I would use frozen corn to safe preparation and cutting time. It doesn’t taste as fresh but more efficient. Corn and tomatoes can be common ingredients of other receipts. If I were to cook this dish with others dishes that uses corn or tomato, I would save more preparation time. In term of taste, the recipe has a good mixture of vegetables so the dish has verity of good taste. Hence you can have it for a meal by itself. The cous cous is very filling as well.

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