Simplicity and Speed Comes First

New Recipe From Keith

I started working for at the beginning of this month. I have been busy since and haven't done much cooking. However I got one really fast but healthy recipe from my colleague Keith. 

I tried it myself. It takes under 10 minutes to prepare. (Including cleaning the dishes). 4 minutes to get it microwaved at work. It is perfect for a fast lunch. The taste of frozen vegetables is very plain. You can add more ingredients to it but it is not recommended because that means the recipe will take longer to make. Same thing goes for the couscous. Tyson chicken wings/breasts taste very good. Fresh but make sure you microwave it long enough. How long depends on the power of your microwave and how many wings you plan to have. You should experiment. Besides speed, this dish is very healthy and the frozen wings and vegetables can be kept in your fridge for a long time.



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