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Highway Cooking - How to cook on your car engine.

My friend Steve introduced me to this new energy saving and time saving method of cooking for picnics. Basically prepare your food in aluminum foil and cook them on the engine while driving! It wasn't a new concept but it was great to try when you go on a road trip. Basically here is the direction: We marinated 4 pieces of lb+ steak and wrapped each 2 in three large layers of aluminum foil. Make sure you wrap them tight so that heat transfers well. Drive for a while first. Open your hood and find a place to put the steak. The Idea location is the place that is hottest and the most stable. You can use more aluminum foil to secure the steak in place. Avoid moving parts as well as air intakes. Now close your hood. Drive for about 160 miles. And congratulations, you just made 4 median rare steaks for lunch. You can also cook stuff like shrimp, fish, etc. If you can and have imagined cooking on your engine so far, I have no doubt that are able to imagine plenty of other stuff to cook on your engine. [fg:2006/engine-bbq-marinated-steak]

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