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Urban Bachelor Cooking Tips: How to clean George Foreman Grill and other non-stick electrical cookware

I am an advocate of the George Foreman Grill. My model is GR18. It is so easy to operate that there is not even an on/off switch. All you need to do is plug it in. Many of my friends have it too. However, a general comment on the Grill is that it is hard to clean. Most people like it but they usually spend a lot of time cleaning the Grill. The reason is that people clean the Grill the same way they would clean other cookware. That doesn't work for the George Foreman Grill and other non-stick electrical cookware.

Here is how I clean mine. It is simpler and works all the time. The key to clean the George Foreman Grill is to clean it while hot. Before I write further, the disclaimer, if you choose to use my method of cleaning electrical cookware, I am not responsible for you hurting yourself. Don't get burned when cleaning. The way I see it, life is about taking chances and the grill is easiest to clean when it is hot. So I always take my chances. Basically, just take some paper towels and wipe it down. The paper towels don't even need to be wet. In fact wet paper towel is harder to hold when hot.

I generally clean my Grill right after I am done cooking. But even after the grill gets cold, you can still plug the wire back in the outlet and let it heat up for a while. Then you can wipe it down with paper towels. Other cleaning options are also available. Some people take a wet paper towel and lay it on the grill as soon as they take the meat off and close the top. After the meal, they just wipe every thing off.

You can also find a George Forman Grill Sponge set, box of 3, at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. I never used the sponge because it looks like the sponge will wear off your non-sticking surface faster. Besides, the grill is hardest to clean when cold. The sponge does not make the grill easier to clean but make the act of cleaning easier. I prefer something easily cleaned to start with.

The same cleaning method can be applied to other electrical cookware, such as the heat plate, electrical fondue etc. The basic principle is when things are hot, food don't stick to their non-stick surface well. That';s when you can wipe them off easiest.

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