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Urban Bachelor Cooking Tip: A Cost Effective Way of Using Dish Detergent

My friend Rhett gave me a good cooking tip today. You know how people usually wash their dishes in two ways. One is to wash all dishes in the biggest container with enough water and dish detergent. People usually claim this method saves water. The other one is to put detergent on the sponge and wash all dishes using running water. People usually claim this method saves more dish detergent. Now Rhett show me a way that saves both water and dish detergent.

Basically you pre dilute the dish detergent and put the solution in to a spray bottle. You can spray the diluted solution on to the dish and use a sponge to wash everything off. The idea is that the spray bottle spread the dish detergents evenly and increases the effectiveness and uses of detergent. At the same time water is also spread evenly so it just adds enough moisture to help the sponge wipe dirty dishes clean. I rarely need water to wash dishes except for rinsing after I adopted her method.

The formula is to mix one unit of dish detergent with eight units of water. Depending on whether your detergent is concentrated or already diluted, you need to adjust the ratio accordingly.



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